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The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser are currently seeking volunteer committee members
to join our rapidly growing charity. We are dedicated to raising funds in efforts to
support children through treatments and fund research into Juvenile Arthritis & Uveitis.

to apply
see how you can
make a difference.
  • 2016 Ball - Friday 19th August 2016 Ball - Friday 19th August
  • George watches his beloved St George Dragons George watches his beloved St George Dragons
  • Peter Overton with John & Mary Kranitis at the 2010 JAF Ball Peter Overton with John & Mary Kranitis at the 2010 JAF Ball
  • Ray Martin talks to George at the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner in 2012 Ray Martin talks to George at the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner in 2012
  • JAF donates alt=10,000 to the UNSW to continue research. (left to right) Mathew Miles, Jane Lampitsi, John Kranitis, Mary Kranitis & Professor Dennis Wakefield" />10,000 to the UNSW to continue research. (left to right) Mathew Miles, Jane Lampitsi, John Kranitis, Mary Kranitis & Professor Dennis Wakefield" /> JAF donates $110,000 to the UNSW to continue research. (left to right) Mathew Miles, Jane Lampitsi, John Kranitis, Mary Kranitis & Professor Dennis Wakefield
  • The beautiful layout of the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner in 2012 The beautiful layout of the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner in 2012

Don't Forget!
JAF 2016 'Gatsby' Ball
Friday 19 August 2016
hosted by Ch.9 Today
show presenter
Deborah Knight,
at Doltone House
Darling Island Wharf.

- Pre dinner drinks
& canapés
- 3 course meal
- Seafood platers
- Beer, wine
& soft drinks
- Coffee and tea
- Cost per ticket $200

Email Mary for
Corporate table


With the support from
sponsors, and the
general public alike,
the Juvenile Arthritis
Fundraiser has raised
and donated to the
University of New
South Wales in
excess of $505 000.
JAF would like to
Thank each and every
one of you for your
continual support,
100% of all proceeds
donated goes directly
into treating & finding
a cure for all children
suffering from
Arthritis and Uveitis.


Ivan Radonic took the
challenge in doing a
Triathlon to raise
awareness and funds
for JAF and ran 21
kilometres in the Husky
run. George was there
to cheer Ivan on and
ran through the finish
line. Ivan raised in
excess of $1500 and
donated all proceeds
to JAF.

b About Us

JAF is a Public Ancillary Fund which focuses on raising awareness and much needed funds in order to treat
and cure children suffering from Arthritis and Uveitis. The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser began in 2007 when
I, Mary Kranitis, wanted to help my son by giving him the answers that he deserves on a disease that the
Doctors themselves did not know the causes. The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser has opened the first ever
Laboratory in Australia and New Zealand at The University of New South Wales  into research and without
funding this Laboratory will cease.

In order to continue research we need to raise in excess of $100 000 every year. The Juvenile Arthritis
Fundraiser will continue to fund the scholarship in order to give our children the best quality of life and the
answers that they deserve. We are ever so proud of achievements to date and without the support of all
involved these events would not be possible. We Thank you for your continual support.

& Son
George & Mary
Album 1:
Celebrity Snaps
2012 - 2013
Album 2:
JAF Gridiron game
August 2013

I have just arrived back from Munich where we reviewed the results of our research. The results are very
exciting. We have shown that the animals treated with the Chlamydia peptides develop Uveitis as well as
arthritis. This is crucial as it is the first time that anyone has developed an animal model of the human
disease in which we can produce both joint and eye inflammation. What is even more exciting is the fact that
our early experiments show that if we feed the animals with the Chlamydia protein before we immunise them
this pre-treatment prevents the animals developing arthritis and perhaps Uveitis, although we need more
studies to confirm this.We now need to repeat these studies with a larger number of animals and to test some
of the other peptides we have isolated.We also need to find out the correct dose of peptide needed to prevent
the disease.

Our Munich colleagues (Prof. Gerhild Wildner and Prof. Stephan Thurau) are also very keen to continue with
these studies and we are very fortunate to have such great collaborators. I would like to discuss our future
plans with you and your committee as I think it is crucial that we continue pursue this research with great
speed and enthusiasm. I am meeting with some drug companies in the near future to discuss the possibility
of doing drug trials to treat patients with our peptides. I would like once again to thank you and your colleagues
for your great support and I hope you also share the excitement we have for the results of our research and the potential these present for future treatment.

Best wishes,
Professor Denis Wakefield

Update from Professor
Denis Wakefield

Professor Denis is
the Associate
Dean of Research
(Faculty of Medicine)
at the University of
New South Wales.

You can now
support the George
Kranitis Juvenile
Fundraiser by
creating your
own event!

It can be anything
from an afternoon tea, to a walk, to
jumping off
a plane!

To register
or for further info
regarding your

Click Here




2014 JAF Ball
2012 Golf Day
2012 JAF Dinner
2011 Fashion Day
2010 JAF Dinner
2008 JAF Dinner



The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser raises funds by holding a Dinner every two years, the event is filled with
amazing prizes, live auction, silent auctions and lucky door prizes. We have over 400 guests attend the night
with a three course dinner and an atmosphere that encourages and raises awareness for all involved.
Volunteers band together from all walks of life to run the night as smooth as possible. Our corporate sponsors
support our events by attending and playing a major part of the evening. Every dollar donated goes directly
into treating and finding a cure for Arthritis and Uveitis. As our overheads a minimal and our committee and
all help on the night are volunteers we are determined in giving every dollar to make a difference.

The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser solely relies on the general public, companies for sponsorships, either
monetary or gifts in kind for the evening. If you too would like to be a part of our next event as a volunteer or
donations either by gifts in kind or sponsorships please email
Upcoming Events
2016 JAF Gatsby Ball

Click Here
for more info

19th August 2016 - Doltone House, Darling Harbour

We are raising funds to find a cure and treat children suffering from Juvenile Arthritis and Uveitis. In order to
keep the laboratory at UNSW open for one more year, as well as assist in the caring and treatment for the children
suffering from Juvenile Arthritis/Uveitis, in excess of $80,000 needs to be raised. This money goes entirely towards
research to hopefully one day find the causes for this disease, experiment with different treatments, help relieve
the pain and eventually find a cure. Research at the UNSW will cease if funding is not continued, and this my
friends is simply not an option. We need to help the thousands of children suffering from this disease.

We will be holding a fundraising dinner on Friday 19th August 2016, hosted by Channel 9 Today show presenter,
Deborah Knight, at the Doltone House Darling Island Wharf. In order to reach our target, we are looking for gifts
which could be sold through raffles and auctions on the night, as well as corporate sponsorships.

Please remember that every little bit helps.

For All ticket sales, please contact Mary Kranitis on 0400 826 449 or email Mary at:

Past Events

2014 George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Ball
In October The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser held its Biannual ball at the Doltone House Darling Island Wharf ,
there were 550 guests who attended the evening with host Mary Coustas and the amazing James Morrison band
entertained the guests . These events are supported through sponsors , the public ,family and friends and also
parents of children who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis . The event broke the record of raising in excess of
$230 000 and we were overwhelmed and humbled by the outcome and support.

2012 The Australian Office Products Charity Golf day
The Office Products Charity Golf Day goes from strength to strength with the who's who of the industry
now supporting the event, which makes a point of supporting lesser-known children's charities.
This year it was Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser (JAF), an organisation that raises money to fund research into
a crippling condition for which there is no cure. With Pelikan Artline and its Managing Director Bruce Haynes
already a strong supporter of JAF, it was much appreciated by all concerned at Macquarie Links when Brother
International and the Alice Springs-based businesses of Town & Country Office National and Red Centre
Office Supplies stepped up to sponsor special excursions for JAF sufferer George Kranitis and his family,
including mother Mary who is the founder of JAF. This year's 15th annual golf day raised a record $80,000
with auctioneer John Donaghy of Australian Forms once again getting the maximum dollar for every
donated item.

2012 George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner
In September 2012, the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser held its annual event at the Doltone House Sylvania
Waters with 410 Guests. The room was decorated by Samira from Stylish Events in a black and white theme
and it looked sensational. Our event was kindly hosted by Mr Ray Martin and our professional and humorous
Auctioneer Mr Scott Gibbons excelled with the live Auction. We were humbled by the generosity from all guests
who attended ,and the night was entertained by the Original stars from Phantom of the Opera Dale Burridge
& Danielle Everett. With the support from sponsors and all who attended we raised in excess of $130 000 which
was the highest amount raised in all of our fundraising efforts, Thank you to  ANZ Bank for all our volunteers
who donated their time to assist in the night and Thank you to all involved in raising awareness and
much needed funds.

2011 Fashion for a Cure
In October 2011 two of the most successful fashion houses TAS accessories and Trendy Kids in San Souci
banded together to produce a Fashion parade to raise money for the Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser.
Again at the Doltone House at Sylvania Waters the event was successful and they were able to donate
$4,500 to the cause.

2010 George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner
In September 2010 Peter Overton from Channel 9 News was the Master of Ceremonies and what a joyous
event he made it, with his sense of humour and handling of the crowd his presence was well received with
the 400 guests raising a record breaking $119,784 for the night. This was through many generous donations
and sponsors of the evening allowing most people to leave with as much in donated items each as they paid
for their tickets. From and Dene Halatau from the Canterbury Bulldogs presenting his club jersey to Live
Music performed by Tommy Bouzouki the night was a raging success both on a social level and in raining
much needed funds for such an important cause.

2008 George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner
In 2008 was the time for the second event to raise money for the research to continue. This event had the
honour of having Liz Taylor as the Master of Ceremonies who with the late Without this funding the research
would have ceased, so again the three originators of the event pulled together and put on another event again
with the great assistance of the Doltone house at Sylvania Waters and there great staff. We again filled the
venue with 400 guests and continued with our goal of raising the bar from the previous year. We successfully
achieved our goal and we feel proud to have donated another $90,000 to the University of New South Wales
for another year of funding. In 2008 we raised $93,000.

2007 George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Dinner
In 2007 John and Mary Kranitis with Danielle Malone (Georges Pre-school teacher) started the first
fundraiser with the ambition to raise $25,000 by hosting a Dinner dance event at the Doltone House at
Sylvania. The master of Ceremonies for the evening was Helen Lagos who kindly donated her time and
professionalism. With the generosity of 400 guests we exceeded our goal and raised $79,000. With this in
mind and knowing that it would cost $80,000 to fund a researcher full time for a year we made the
commitment to do the best we can to keep the Laboratory up and running for all future kids and parents
dealing with having no answers with the view of one day getting some.

This is where we started to Make A Difference.

2 Media
  Channel 9 News Mary Kranitis - Founder Faculty of medicine, UNSW Mark my words
From holding JAF events we have
touched many walks
of life, the following letters of thanks are much appreciated.

They include:
> Dene Halatau
> Frank Sartor MP
> Dawn & Tim Fraser
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to help

Wikipedia - JA
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Arthritis Foundation
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Wikipedia - Uveitis
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American College of

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Medline Plus
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Doctor Davinder Singh-Grewal

The Sydney Children's Hospital High Street

Tel: 02 9382 1014
Fax: 02 9382 1025

Department of Paediatrics The Children's Hospital
at Westmead

Tel: 02 9845 0678
Fax: 02 9845 3432

Suite 21, Level 7 Prince of Wales Private Hospital Barker Street

Tel: 02 8212 4123
Fax: 02 8212 4126

Doctor John Grigg

Suite 2A, The Gordon Centre, 802-808 Pacific Highway

Tel: 02 9418 1488



Juvenile Arthritis:
Early Signs and Symptoms

Learn the early signals that could indicate your child’s symptoms result from a juvenile rheumatic disease.
Young children often are sidelined by illness or fatigue – the flu-like bug picked up from playmates at day-care,
or the sore arm caused by a tumble on the playground. When symptoms like pain, stiffness or fevers occur at
odd times, without obvious cause, could this mean juvenile arthritis (JA)? How can you tell the difference?

Traditionally, a child complaining of occasional achy joints was dismissed as having “growing pains,” a vague phenomenon believed to be the result of the natural growth process. Now, we know that symptoms of joint pain, swelling, stiffness, fatigue or illness may be early signals of a serious, inflammatory rheumatic disease that
requires immediate medical treatment.

Several rheumatic diseases affect children, often those who are too young to speak about what’s bothering them.
In such cases, it’s important not to assume these symptoms are temporary, and to get a proper diagnosis from
your paediatrician. Early drug treatment can prevent serious, permanent damage to your child’s joints and
enable to her to live an active, full childhood despite juvenile arthritis.


Doctors & Support

Rheumatologist (Sydney) -  Dr Davinder Singh-Grewal
Dr Davinder Singh-Grewal is a pediatric rheumatologist with over 10 years of experience in the management of children with rheumatic diseases. He completed his medical training at The University of Sydney and his
pediatric training in Sydney before undertaking a dedicated three year fellowship in Pediatric Rheumatology
at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada has worked as a Consultant Pediatric Rheumatologist at
The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK.

He is currently appointed at all three children’s hospitals in New South Wales – The Children’s Hospital at
Westmead, The Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick and the John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle
along with Liverpool Hospital in South Western Sydney.

Dr Singh-Grewal is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales
and The University of Western Sydney. He has completed a PhD in the field of Juvenile Arthritis and also a
Masters in Medical Science.

Dr Singh-Grewal has a strong research background with over 20 publications in peer reviewed journals and
numerous ongoing research projects in the field of pediatric rheumatology.

He is an active member of Arthritis NSW which is the peak patient group for children with arthritis  and is
heavily involved with Lupus NSW and The Juvenile Dematomyositis Care to Cure Foundation which support
patients and families with affected by SLE and JDM.

Opthamolgist (Sydney) -  Dr John Grigg

Training in ophthalmology was at Sydney Eye Hospital. Fellowship in glaucoma, cataract and pediatric
ophthalmology were undertaken in Australia and the UK. He held the consultant ophthalmologist position in Manchester. His sub-specialty ophthalmology practice is in glaucoma, cataract and pediatric ophthalmology.
He is conducting research in glaucoma and genetic eye disease and electrophysiology.

Dr Grigg is a senior lecturer and the Head of Discipline of Ophthalmology of the University of Sydney, a
consultant at Sydney Eye Hospital and The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. He is currently the chair of the
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology (RANZCO) scientific committee.

It is only through the generosity and kindness of Sponsors like you that individuals and families suffering
with ailments, disabilities or diseases find much needed hope, strength and courage.

The George Kranitis Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser is a product of a mother’s desperation to find answers and
inevitably a cure for this debilitating disease, which her son has been battling with since the age of 2.
In order to progress a little, we must raise a lot and help researchers gain the resources needed to carry out
their work at the appropriate level.

All Donations over $2.00 are Tax deductable

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All on
Apply to become
a valuable member
on the board of the Juvenile Arthritis

to apply
Mary Kranitis
Email: mary@juvenilearthritisfundraiser.com
Mobile: 0400 826 449
Mail Address
Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser
PO Box 397
Sans Souci NSW 2219
Committee Members
Danielle Malone
Email: danielle@juvenilearthritisfundraiser.com
Mobile: 0412 436 528
John Kranitis
Email: john@juvenilearthritisfundraiser.com
Mobile: 0407 442 142